AI & BD support energy efficiency

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, an Elsevier´s interesting reading: Energy and Buildings / “A review of the applications of artificial intelligence and big data to buildings for energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor living environment” by  Muhammad Uzair Mehmood, Dave Chun, Zeeshan, Hyunjoo Han, Gyuyeob Jeon and Kuan Chen

A discussion on how Artificial intelligence and Big Data can be used to design and operate energy–efficient commercial buildings and residential houses.

Driving energy efficiency investment beyond 2020

The future of energy efficiency, where the money goes: “Driving energy efficiency investment beyond 2020”, by Clare Taylor, ENERGYPOST

Inside this article you will find this sentece, that clearly set the future of the european energy efficiency market.

Energy efficiency will no longer struggle to attract financing. Instead, mainstream financiers will proactively seek it out»

Peter Sweatman, rapporteur of the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group


Energy Efficiency In VUCA Times: Silver Linings

EDM was created to combine the advantages of renewable energies with the ESCO business model. Our preferent scenario is EU, but in many of the countries of old Europe, particularly Spain, an atavistic bureaucratic culture, an outdated taxation aimed at achieving the highest possible collection and privileged oligopolies prevent an actual cutting-edge development as it is understood in the 21st century leading world.

In fact, none of the BIG SIX TECHS –Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla-  is an European company. Obviously, a significant part of the EU is lost in its old dreams and travels to the past.

Nevertheless, now, in 2020, the confluence of  the present accelerated technological revolution -5G, blockchain, AI, green hydrogen,…-  with current covidien times inevitably leads us to an unchartered territory both in way of life and in business models. These are VUCA times:  bad news for sclerotic minds, good news for the open minded ones.

Good news because “every cloud has a silver lining”*. Two examples:

  • We are seeing how big techs, as Amazon or Google, plan to innovate in the financial sector breaking the traditional structures of the banking market and reducing costs for consumers.
  • In the field of energy, the combination of green hydrogen with AI and blockchain represents a real revolution: it favors the viability of autonomous microgrids, it does not depend on expensive electricity transport structures, it solves electrical energy storage problems, it is environmentally friendly and it is a matter of pure technology not based on the control of scarce and expensive raw materials.

In summary, in this period of covid-clouds and thanks in part to this, the irruption of new technologies increases competition, breaks the traditional oligopolies and ends up favoring citizens who consume basic services. In any case, what was out-of-the-blue a few years ago is now possible, necessary and urgent for countries that want to maintain an acceptable standard of living.

So, we have decided to open a second age in EDM to explore the new business opportunities that are opening especially in the field of energy in the midst of these messy VUCA times.

* an advantage that comes from a difficult or unpleasant situation