Google interest in financial customer data.

The brand new bankers:” Google is getting into banking to take back the business it lost to Amazon”, by Kate Rooney in CNBC

Google’s key motivation is customer data, according to analysts. By seeing what users spend money on increase its insights into consumer purchase behavior (and consumer finances more broadly

Amazon has 54% of U.S. product searches online, compared to Google’s 46% market share.

Google is ensuring that it doesn’t have to “disappoint” customers by not approving their creditworthiness

AI & BD support energy efficiency(2)

Energy Efficiency and Artificial Intelligence / Daniel Talero – Forbes: “AI Starts to Live Up to its Energy Efficiency Potential”

  • Advance scheduling of electricity deliveries to the grid
  • Predictive optimization for generation, storage, and purchasing
  • Connect separate AI applications into complete end-to-end automated processes