Daily introspection. Just do it.

Un espacio para la introspección diaria.

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Take a moment of silence every day. A moment to look inside. A moment to identify what has gone well for you today, what has gone wrong for you today and what you are going to do tomorrow to improve. A moment of daily introspection at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day by way of preparing a roadmap.

During that daily introspection, these questions can help bring about the desired improvement:

  • Why has such a thing happened to me?
  • What did I feel when that thing happened to me?
  • How did the situation that led me to that thing happen?
  • Where do I want that thing that happens to me to evolve?
  • What do I want to achieve with this evolution?

The purpose of the change intention helps to achieve the change. Knowing why and for what you want to change helps to change.

Additionally, if those questions are asked in the plural. If more are involved in those questions, the energies to change will be greater. Doing things as a team helps not to lose heart in the bad moments of the road.

Ask yourself. Ask those around you. Contrast the answers. Understand what is happening from different points of view.

Don’t think this daily introspection a waste of time. Try for a few days. Today you know that it does not work for you, because you do not practice it. If you put it into practice, it still starts to work.

Introspección diaria. Practícala.

Un espacio para la introspección diaria.

English version

Dedícate diariamente un momento de silencio. Un momento para mirar tu interior. Un momento para identificar lo que hoy te ha salido bien, lo que hoy te ha salido mal y lo que vas a hacer mañana para mejorar. Un momento de introspección diaria al final del día o al inicio del día como hoja de ruta.

Durante esa introspección diaria, estas preguntas pueden ayudar a provocar la mejora buscada:

  • ¿Por qué me ha pasado tal cosa?
  • ¿Qué es lo que he sentido cuando me ha pasado esa cosa?
  • ¿Cómo empezó la situación que me ha llevado a que pasase esa cosa?
  • ¿Hacia dónde quiero que evolucione esa cosa que me pasa?
  • ¿Qué quiero conseguir con esa evolución?

La finalidad del propósito de cambio ayuda a conseguir el cambio. Saber por que y para que quieres cambiar ayuda a cambiar.

Adicionalmente, si esas preguntas se hacen en plural. Si en esas preguntas hay más involucrados, las energías para cambiar serán mayores. Hacer las cosas en equipo ayuda a no desfallecer en los momentos malos del camino.

Pregúntate a ti. Pregunta a los que te rodean. Contrasta las respuestas. Entiende lo que pasa desde diferentes puntos de vista.

No pienses que esta introspección diaria en una pérdida de tiempo. Prueba durante unos días. Hoy sabes que no te funciona, porque no lo practicas. Si lo pones en práctica igual empieza a funcionar.

Leading the African agrifood tech revolution

From AgVentures web

Leading the tech revolution in Africa, mobile connectivity, smart sensors, cloud storage and computing, AI and data science : AgVentures invests in early stage agrifood technologies in South Africa, Israel and Kenya and assists in the roll-out of these transformative technologies across Africa

In South Africa, Accenture estimates that the agricultural sector is one of the top two sectors with the highest potential to benefit from digital transformation.

Spain at the forefront of green hydrogen in Europe

From Iberdrola’s web

A simple introduction to green hydrogen by IBERDROLA, a leading Spanish utility pro-decarbonising our way of life: “Green hydrogen: an alternative that reduces emissions and cares for our planet”

Decarbonising the production of an element like hydrogen, giving rise to green hydrogen, is one of the keys as this is currently responsible for more than 2 % of total global CO2 emissions.

 Replacing all grey hydrogen in the world would require 3,000 TWh/year from new renewables — equivalent to the current demand of Europe.

585 AI Startups

Developing Energy Efficiency by the way of AI: Top 38 Startups by “AI-Startups

A list of startups in the fields of Agriculture(10), Banking(9), Booktech(9), Ecommerce(21), Education(12), Energy(38), Finance(29), Games(10), Insurance(19), Legal(11), Logistics(11), Manufacturing(20), Medicine(117), Music(7), Retail(25), Software(212), Sports(9), Trading(8), Travel(8)

Slow AI adoption in India

By Ravi Mehta & Pradeep Rajendran

Is India to become an AI superpower? “The future of artificial intelligence adoption in India” by Ravi Mehta & Pradeep Rajendran / Financialexpress.com.

Less than 25% of Indian enterprises have deployed AI solutions.

Some of the sectors that have adopted AI include:

  • Banking & financial services industry.
  • Pharma & healthcare.
  • Agriculture