UK connects to the Sahara

By Jason Deign

UK connects to the Sahara. UK connects into a new source of renewable energy. A 3.6 GW of subsea cable capacity from the African coast to the UK. The cable follows the continental shelf around Portugal, Spain, and France. The cable will be able to provide up to 7.5 percent of U.K. electricity

UK connects to the Sahara

The concept is to install 10 gigawatts of PV and wind generation capacity along with 25 gigawatt-hours of battery storage near Tantan in southern Morocco.

Net-Zero Emissions from Farm to Fork

From Cap Gemini web

The Food Land-use report from Capgemini shows European Union’s Aim, Net-Zero Emissions from Farm to Fork. A description of projects to cut down emissions by -20% in 2030 and -50% in 2050. Projects for livestock promoting alternatives to meat and dairy products. projects for crops to use less emission-intensive fertilizers

Net-Zero Emissions from Farm to Fork

Six projects summarized in a nutshell to take away a glance at farming future

Bladeless wind generator to protect wildlife

From Vortex Bladeless web

Vortex Bladeless developed an environmentally friendly wind generator. In other words, the innovation here is that needs no blades nor rotation. This company has decided to focus on the end consumers. Therefore, they bet on power prosumers.

Bladeless wind generator manufacturer

A bunch of governmental entities around the world, such as universities, municipalities and, natural parks will test the invention this year. Also, NGOs, independent laboratories, or partner companies will test 100 units this year.