Perovskite crystals could solve Solar panels limits.

By Tom Metcalfe

Solar panels made from materials called perovskites could change how we generate electricity, opening the door to flexible and even transparent solar panels.


Perovskite solar cells can also be made relatively easily – unlike silicon cells, which need to be refined at very high temperatures and so need a lot of energy to make.

Perovskites can be made as thin sheets at low temperatures, or as inks that can effectively be “printed” onto substrates of other materials, such as flexible rolls of plastic

Sustainability in Agriculture

From Farm Bureau web

America’s farmers and ranchers are leading the way in climate-smart practices that reduce emissions, enrich the soil, and protect our water and air, all while producing more food, fiber, and renewable fuel than ever before. U.S. agriculture contributes just 10% to overall GHG emissions, far less than other major industries, and plays an active role in enhancing wildlife and absorbing carbon

Sustainability in Agriculture

EU, third way between the US and China on tech regulation.

By Matthew Sparkes

Can the European Union prevent an artificial intelligence dystopia? A Draft legislation hints that companies in breach could be fined up to €20 million, or 4 percent of global turnover. the military and any agency ensuring public security are exempt.

third way

Breach cases or “European big red flags” :

Not to prevent bringing racial, gender, or age bias into AI systems.

Social credit score

Shamming in online list.