Hydroponic farms

By Taner Halicioglu

No Soil. No Growing Seasons. Just Add Water and Technology.

Hydroponic farms, create precise growing conditions using technological advances like machine-learning algorithms, data analytics, and proprietary software systems to coax customized flavors and textures from fruits and vegetables.

hydroponic farms

The farms are staffed by a new breed of young farmers who wear lab coats instead of overalls and prefer computers to tractors.

These Hydroponic farms are 100 times as productive as traditional ones and use 95 percent less water.

Ethics And Governance Of AI For Health

From WHO report.

This Ethics And Governance Of AI For Health report endorses a set of key ethical principles. WHO hopes that these principles will be used as a basis for governments, technology developers, companies, civil society, and inter-governmental organizations to adopt ethical approaches to the appropriate use of AI for health.

Ethics And Governance Of Artificial Intelligence For Health

The six principles are:

Protecting human autonomy

Promoting human well-being and safety and the public interest

Ensuring transparency, explainability, and intelligibility

Fostering responsibility and accountability

Ensuring inclusiveness and equity