Capturing carbon from the air.

By Nikolaj Skydsgaard and David Evans at Reuters.

The world’s largest plant capturing carbon from the air starts in Iceland. Employs high-tech filters and fans to extract carbon dioxide.

The isolated carbon is then mixed with water and pumped deep underground, where it slowly turns into rock. Both technologies are powered by renewable energy sourced from a nearby geothermal power plant.

Capturing carbon from the air

This swiss startup, Climeworks AG, offers a monthly subscription for Capturing carbon from the air according to their own lifestyle consciousness

Robot-Filled Future of Farming: Nightmare or Utopia?

By Katrina Miller

Robot-Filled Future to keep up with the ever-rising demands of a growing population. Agriculture requires more and more labor. The standardization is a result of our need to mechanize agriculture. We are shaping the entire cultivation process to meet the needs of the machine.

On the other side, we could program technology to meet the needs of the environment.

Robot-Filled Future

Sustaining both the environment and the growing demand for food is a tough balance to strike.