Farmers in the center

The fourth annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum convened on November 16-19, 2021 in Singapore and facilitated face-to-face discussions among world leaders in plenary sessions and intimate breakouts.

Farmers in the center

On that point, all the panelists were in agreement: that the key to boosting agriculture’s sustainability and resilience lies with the individual at the center of the industry — the farmer — and making sure they have the tools and know-how they need.

But for the majority of the world’s growers, advanced technologies remain far out of reach. While the hope is that access to these can be ‘democratized,’ smallholders across the world’s emerging economies have more immediate technological needs altogether.

Blockchain agriculture in Africa.

Zimbabwe could not sell beef to high-paying markets in Europe and the Middle East due to a lack of a traceability system, resulting in lower export earnings.

Last year, a blockchain-based cattle traceability system brought end-to-end visibility to the cattle supply chain in the country. Zimbabwean farmers could again prove the origin and health records of their cattle. How does this work?

Blockchain in agriculture helps simplify transaction processes and creates a common ground for small-scale farmers. 

New agriculture technology accelerator in Canada

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provided $500,000 in grants to Olds College through a new agriculture technology accelerator led by the THRIVE Canada accelerator. That movement strengthens the local agri-food ecosystem.

With consumers everywhere increasing the demand for food quality, safety, transparency, and supply chain management there are incredible opportunities for Calgary to help solve a truly global challenge,” said Calgary Mayor