Physical world’s digital twin

Physical world’s digital twin. Connecting the Human and Digital worlds with 6G at terahertz frequency offer higher performance, delivering a peak data rate of 1,000 Gbps, and is expected to provide 100 times faster network speed over 5G.

Physical world's digital twin

Nokia Bell Labs has identified the following potential innovations that can be enhanced by 6G: Network Sensing, Extreme connectivity, Cognitive, automated & specialized architectures, and Security and trust.

7 Pressing Cybersecurity Questions.

In this article reader will find 7 pressing cybersecurity questions to ask to make sure boards understand how cybersecurity is being managed by the organization. Simply asking these questions will also raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity, and the need to prioritize action.

Pressing Cybersecurity Questions

1. What are our most important assets and how are we protecting them?

2. What are the layers of protection we have put in place?

3. How do we know if we’ve been breached? How do we detect a breach?

4. What are our response plans in the event of an incident?

5. What is the board’s role in the event of an incident?

6. What are our business recovery plans in the event of a cyber incident?

7. Is our cybersecurity investment enough?

Do not sign half-empty smart contracts.

Do not sign half-empty smart contracts. Same when you sign real-world contracts. Empty fields allowed attack and stole NFT assets

$1.7 million in NFTs was stolen in an apparent phishing attack on OpenSea users. In essence, the targets of the attack had signed a blank check — and once it was signed, attackers filled in the rest of the check to take their holdings.

To know what an NFT is you can read here