Battery storage solution.

The battery storage solution is the mainstay of growth for British ESCOs

British energy services company ANESCO has recently been awarded as the UK´s fastest-growing private company. Innovative ESCO model and new battery storage solution, reasons for this success. ANESCO forecasts revenue of more than 200 million pounds in the current year.

Adrian Pyke, CEO of ANESCO, has literally stated: “Being first to bring innovative technologies and models to the UK energy efficiency market has played a key role in our success. We continue to do so, most recently by introducing battery storage solutions to the residential and commercial markets and through our groundbreaking ESCO model, which enables organizations to improve their energy efficiency at no upfront cost.”

Created by Matt Hackney. Used under CC By License
Created by Matt Hackney. Used under CC By License

Pyke continued: “As a company we’re so proud to be supporting local communities, tackling fuel poverty, and creating jobs at all levels, while helping to reduce the country’s carbon emissions.”

Spanish government difficults the use of battery storage

Meanwhile, in Spain, we suffer an electrical system that neither understands the meaning of “progress” nor allows a free implementation of cutting-edge models and technologies such as self-consumption and battery storage solutions. Final consequence: fuel poverty threats a million Spanish homes.

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