Consultant using information technology

Projects as a consultant using information technology

Materials Management

(Mar-Sep 2016)For the manufacturer of elevators Eninter, development of a tool for recording production times in each work station of the route followed by a work order. From a central panel can be prioritized work orders in the nine stations.

(Sep-2015.. Mar-2016) In DICEPA, a manufacturer of paper (napkins, tablecloths, toilet, cleaning), using MS Dynamics NAV I improved the information system of the logistic department. Designed and implemented Excel VBA macros to improve dispatching performance. Detected that bill of materials registered in Dynamics were not updated, supported production department to updated them. Designed and implemented an Excel VBA Macro to improve production planning thru analysis of historical demand.

• (Jul-2013) On behalf of Duff and Phelps corporation, six weeks diagnosis of Inventory in two Brazilian factories of Albea Packaging, a french company. Albea´s CFO congratulated me on my commitment.


(dic-2017)Ticket sales and entrance data analysis for Isla Magica Theme Park (Sevilla) aiming to improve gross margin. One million records analyzed to detect inconsistencies among sales and promotions thru different sales channels.

(oct-2017) Requirement analysis to improve a contact center performance at Benito Urban(Vic). Analyzing the PBX log, we calculated the time that contact center employees dedicated to giving support to on-field salespeople. We also analyzed SAP ERP friendship screens used by contact center employees and wrote a specifications requirement book to challenge a set of SAP Partners for improvements.

(Sep-2015.. Mar-2016) In DICEPA, a manufacturer of paper (napkins, tablecloths, toilet, cleaning), using MS Dynamics NAV I improved the information system of the commercial department. Filling in the price list and discount by customer table in Dynamics and training financial employees about it, improved orders registration accuracy. Designed and implemented an information system to daily email to salespeople an order form with the updated-sale-prices of customers managed by each salesman. The form, once filed with an order, when returned to custom care department, allows registering a new order into Dynamics with cut and paste, instead of rewrite it again.
Designed and implement a product cost calculation that blended with invoice lines allows studying margins by product, by a customer, and by a salesman.

(nov-2014)Business plan for a wine and spirits business school belonging to Codorniu, Freixenet, and Torres. Settled a Salesforce CRM for the Wine Business School.


(avr..Jun-2015)Diagnosis of Purchase to Payment processes in a group of 9 Hotels Guitart.

Risk Management

(Ago-2014, Ago-2015)On behalf of June-Partners, audit of four Internal Control Frameworks(ERM): Plan Sales & Operations, Procurement, Production, Warehousing. Done in 3 factories in Mexico (Reynosa, Matamoros, and Queretaro),2 factories in Brazil (Jundiai and Mogi das Cruces) and 1 factory in Poland (Łódz) for Albea Packaging.


(Jan..mar 2018)Improvement of an existing MS Access App to follow commercial opportunities at SCA BCN (Barcelona)

(Jul-2017..Jul 2018) Information systems analysis at Herbusa, S.A (Ibiza) to upgrade Navision 2009.

(Jan..Mar-2014)Diagnosis of invoicing workflow between multi-line insurers and health centers.


(Jan..Mar-2018)Co-lecturer in Strategy and sales management at Tecnocampus (Mataro). Teach that it is possible to personalize a CRM to fulfill company requirements and that key-user with no code experience can do the adjustment without waiting for IT Department.


(Feb-2015) Diagnosis of procedures and methodology applied in the maintenance of tunnels used by power and telecommunications utilities that provide services at Barcelona city.

Take away

As a consultant using information technology, I analyze how key users use the technology and I try to modify the systems with the aim that the computer works for the user instead that the user works for the computer.