Computer Science Archaeology

Archaeology: Feel as an Internet pioneer.

At CERN, in 2013 they rebuild line-mode browser (LMB), a browser used in 1992. it was first Text browser.

It was not the first browser. The first browser was WorldWideWeb. WorldWideWeb only worked on NeXTSTEP , the Operating system of NeXT computer, Steve Jobs’ second son. In Spain this computer was distributed by Informática el corte inglés. in 1991. with 4 friends more, I bougth one NeXT computer. We paid 890 000 Pesetas. (unos 5400 Euros). Too expensive for a mass widespread.

Line-mode browser was suitable for cheaper computers. At CERN a product for everybody was found.

You can use LMB here. You will see the first web page ever published.


Maybe, it looks bizarre to you, but it was as it was. Do you imagine yourself navigating thru internet with this Browser? easy really.

if the reader is what today is called a «digital native» , he has got in use with modern web browser. In this case, he only feels confortable if the first web page ever published looks modern……

According to this i would like to request to digital natives a little bit of consideration towards digital immigrants. I heard a lot of fathers regretting how their sons mock of them due to the fact that father’s computer skills are fewer than son’s computer skills.

Hey boys, be fair, the tools were not the same……

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