Obsolescence of LED lighting.

«A graphene lightulb with lower energy emissions, longer lifetime and lower manufacturing costs has been launched…» , the University of Manchester reports.

This news shows the accelerated functional obsolescence of new technologies (in this case obsolescence of LED lighting) and how this obsolescence impacts in ESCO business.

A year ago in early 2014, in «ESCOs, Myth and Reality. Negotiation misunderstandings when outsourcing energy efficiency» , we wrote:

Sign with instructions on the use of light bulbs at Deschutes Historical Museum, Bend, Oregon by Frank Schulenburg .Used under CC BY-SA 4.0. No changes made.
  • “Are you sure that today´s state-of-the-art technology will be competitive in a few years? The continuous progress of technology give us another evidence of the virtual character of the post contract gains…
  • The learning is that, in the ESCO business model, far-future previsions of budgetary gains are mostly made of virtual materials; so, it is better to head off unrealistic goals concentrating the dealing strategies within the immediate future and managing the post-contract period´s posible benefits only as a secondary target.”

Crystal clear and confirmed in 2015.

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