Simplest analytics to know your impact in social media.

I have a tiny knowledge of the simplest analytics tool I know, therefore i want to share it with you

We publish, we share, we forward. We publish, we share, we forward.

All day interacting in the net, all day sharing content.
Do you know the impact of your actions in the social media?¿Do you know what your followers like more?

I know a simple way to check if there is interest in what I am interested in.
It is not the most professional analytic procedure but maybe it helps you to become aware and start an interest for measuring.

The Simplest analytics tool.

The simplest analytics tool I know is using either google or Bitly url shorteners.
You copy and paste the url you want to share into any of this tools and you get a shortened link to your content.
Any of this tools will measure the impact of your actions thru this shortened link.

As you can notice it is very simple to do it

The information you get.

Below you will see a screen shot of google shortener analytics.

On the left top, you see I got 32 clicks in a link I created two days ago. I just mentioned a new about economics that was interesting to me. You have to be aware that there is no way with the simplest analytics to know if those 32 clicks come from one, four, seven or twenty different users. It counts also your own clicks in the link.

You can see from which media the click comes. In this case, 65,6% come from a mobile phone using facebook ( and only 6,3% come from twitter (, consequently, you can infer some conclusion about your followers and economics subjects.

You can see my traffic come mainly from Spain with 21 clicks. Not bad to know that 34% of my clicks come from abroad.